Godspell In The Press

Reviews are in for Godspell at Westchester Broadway Theatre, and they've been great! Here are a few:

"The cast of this performance did a wonderful job. They were funny, energetic and genuinely looked as if they were having a fabulous time. Their voices blended together in lovely harmonies, and each stood out perfectly in solo moments...they gave the show everything it deserved, and I am truly impressed with the quality of their performance." - NY Theatre Guide (
full review HERE)

"The actors have a great connection to each other and sing with beautiful harmonies and execute graceful and energetic choreography...Godspell at Westchester Broadway Theatre is truly a wonderful experience" - BroadwayWorld.com (full review HERE)

"...all the performers have lovely voices and great comic delivery...Greta Kleckner shows great comic instinct throughout the show" - Armonk NY Daily News (full review HERE)

"The biggest treat was the company itself. Most shows I'm typically struck by one or two amazing actors. This was the first show where I can confidently say everyone in the company was outstanding. Their voices gave me chills and their energy was stunning. I would return to see this show again...just to watch this group. Their synergy is one you rarely find in any production, and it was a thrill to experience. I am jealous of anyone attending this show as I realize it will be many years before I experience that again." - Brewster.MacaroniKid.com (full review HERE)

Also, here is the Photo Flash article on BroadwayWorld!